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    Power cut off on 700

    Battery? Controller? I've never had that happen to my 2 year old 700. Would not be happy, though.
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    Prodigy st or aventon pace 500.3

    If you want a better workout on your cadence sensor bike, use a lower assist. With my Ride1Up 700 series, I can set the PAS assist levels to the exact percentage of power that I want. My lowest level is set for 50 watts, which gives me a great workout by just understanding how to use the PAS...
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    How much do the lightest e-bikes weigh?

    That's the first one I thought of. I have a different Ride1Up that is much heavier. No regrets.
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    shifting down under strain on Prodigy

    I think that's 3 "peddle" pressures. lol
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    Hub, mid, torque sensor

    No, but the LMTD and Prodigy do.
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    Hub, mid, torque sensor

    I have a hub drive cadence sensor bike, and that doesn't describe how it operates at all. Assist levels are not tied to mph, either, but rather an adjustable power output, which doesn't have to be 100%. Heck, I can set that as low as 1%! I really like how Ride1Up allows you to customize...
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    Known Issues & Problems with Ride1Up Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    It is on all the LMT'D bikes being sold now. But that was not the case when I made that post MONTHS AGO last spring! It took them a while to get all of the cadence sensor models sold.
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    Commuter Ebike for heavy rider (ended up choosing RR(Ride1UP Prodigy ST)

    It's not Rad1up or Rid1up. It's Ride1Up.
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    Suspension seat post for ride1up 700 series

    I bought a Suntour NCX suspension seat post - 350 mm in length. I chose it because it wasn't just a straight springed post and had good reviewed, plus it was lower cost than some other recommended ones at about $71. I also bought a shim so that I could buy a more narrow post to potentially use...
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    Prodigy and low pedal cadence

    You didn't state which Prodigy model, and that makes a difference. The ST and XR models have a larger chainring than the XC. So, it sounds like you would prefer the lower cadence possible with the ST and XR models.
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    Help with Allant +7 Accessories

    Every time I see a thread with Allant in the title, I think of Dallant. But he hasn't posted here since October 2021. It was mentioned in a thread a while back, but I don't think anyone knows his status. 😟
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    Limited now with torque sensor on ST model?

    I think you actually are thinking of the LMT'D. Yes, this was fully expected after they got their existing inventory sold with the cadence sensor, just as they did with the XR prior to that, and just as they had to sell out the old torque sensor inventory when they switched to cadence last...
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    Known Issues & Problems with Ride1Up Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    I try not to charge mine over 51.5 V most of the time to increase battery longevity. I charged it to 100% (54.6 V) a while back, but I rode it shortly afterwards so that it wouldn't sit around stressing the cells. There's also the possibility that the display is not reading the voltage accurately.
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    Known Issues & Problems with Ride1Up Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    My 700 maxed out at 54.6 V, which I've only done one time. Mine is the older 700 model and battery that was sold last year. This year's has a different battery. There is a thread about that here. I haven't heard of anyone reporting their battery charged to 55+ V.
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    Another Prodigy Review - Prodigy XC

    There's an even longer delay if you are riding along pedaling in PAS 0 and decide to kick up the PAS level as you are already pedaling. It's more like 3 seconds before power engages. It's annoying, but I got used to it and anticipate by changing it a little earlier. And then there's that...
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    New : Turbo Vado 5.0 IGH Belt Drive

    I'll just point to this thread as to why you should take those bike torque specs with a grain of salt.
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    New : Turbo Vado 5.0 IGH Belt Drive

    That torque is at the chainring on a mid-drive, and torque drops as RPMs increase. Don't get too caught up in those mostly useless torque specs. There's a thread here that goes into some detail about those ebike torque specs.
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    Another Prodigy Review - Prodigy XC

    There is a Prodigy that has a front suspension. The Prodigy XC, which is the one mentioned by name in topic and reviewed in the video. Some really nice things about the Prodigy are that it has a very quiet motor that is very responsive, using a Brose motor torque sensor based system like many...
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    Another Prodigy Review - Prodigy XC

    It uses a torque sensor based Brose drive/electric system, like a lot of Specialized bikes, so that's why it doesn't have the throttle or brake safety cut-off. The battery is actually only $449 from Ride1Up. For comparison, I think the Specialized battery is over $1000 that also uses a Brose...
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    What other bikes should I look at?

    The battery is fine. There's a new review - I posted a link in the Ride1Up section of this forum. Looks like a winner.