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    Icon e bike from 43 Milano

    Excellent point Amanda. Standover height is a major disadvantage of the perfectly horizontal top tube.
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    Fixing a flat 20"fat tire e-bike

    Personally, I don't find smaller diameter tires any harder to work with. Fat tires, on the other hand, can be a little trickier than narrower tires just due to the size. However, if you're accustomed to fixing flats on other bikes you shouldn't need any special tips or techniques.
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    27.5" conversion choices?

    I agree with Ann in that a conversion should be no problem. As to kits, there are lots. There are a number of kits reviewed here: As you'll see, many of the kits are quite expensive but there are some more affordable choices too. You'll also find...
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    Budnitz Ebike

    Exactly. When I said I question the location of the battery, I meant I question whether it makes sense. Thanks for the exploded view of the hub though. Very cool from a technology perspective, but not sure from a cycling perspective.
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    New Bosch Powered Tern Folder coming 2017

    Yeah, I read somewhere that they changed the name. I thought Elektron was the new name, but I probably have it backwards. Regardless, very cool that you got to ride one! I'm jealous. :-)
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    New Bosch Powered Tern Folder coming 2017

    I'm really looking forward to seeing the Elektron in person. Looks to be a beautiful marriage of folding bikes and e bikes.
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    New York Times article on ebike health benefits

    Good article. Thanks for sharing it. :-)
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    Budnitz Ebike

    Beautiful bike. Love the Gates Carbon belt drive. But I too question the location of the battery.
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    That's a lot of battery power. I'm not a fan of derailleurs though. I prefer the cleaner look of an internally-geared hub.
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    Icon e bike from 43 Milano

    Check out this striking new Icon e bike from Italy's 43 Milano: I love the headlight & taillight incorporated into the ends of the top tube. :-)
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    First eBike recommendations

    Of those mentioned, personally I like the Electra Townie. That's partly because I love the classic cruiser style, partly for the Bosch drive, and partly for the internally-geared hub. BTW, kudos for still riding at 76 years young!