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    2021–2022 Riese & Müller Homage

    I run a pair of Hope cranks on my 2019 Homage and I like them a lot. They're British, I think, but my CO LBS was able to get them. They are 165s. Next time, I will get 160s. I got them for a few reasons, mainly because I am pretty short but also to cut down on pedal strikes. Since installing...
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    Front and Rear 4 Piston Brakes

    The new rotor is 203mm. I needed to replace the caliper adapter (from Magura) to go from 180->203 since the new caliper would not mount on the existing posts. I considered using the 220mm rotor but my fork is limited to a max 203mm. I did some research beforehand and the manufacturer (Suntour)...
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    Front and Rear 4 Piston Brakes

    If you have an older ebike, upgrading the front brake is one of the best improvements you can make. I have a 2019 Homage and went from a 180mm to a 203mm front rotor and upped the number of pistons to four. The stopping power improvement is notable. The rear brake you can leave as is. This is...
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    Has anyone tried charging a dual-battery R&M ebike using a Grin Satiator?

    Grin now offers support for Bosch. I have asked them about dual battery charging and this was their reply: "If the batteries have single port BMS circuits, then that's fine. But for dual-port BMS circuits, we don't recommend charging two batteries via one charging port." I don't know what this...
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    Nyon Upgrade for Delite

    Hi. Does the R&M kit include everything, including the Nyon? I have a 2019 Homage with Kiox and E-14 Rohloff. Can you please tell me what I would have to order to get this to work? Do I have to go through my LBS for parts? Can I do the installation myself? Are there any special instructions or...
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    Adding an aftermarket chainguard to Bosch e-bike

    Unfortunately, I can't use the Miranda ring guard. Did you actually try to attach the Hebie guard to the belt-driven Homage? The pictures I saw looked like the Hebie guard angle was adjustable.
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    Adding an aftermarket chainguard to Bosch e-bike

    Hi Alaskan. I am looking to put some kind of chainguard on my 2019 Homage which came with a belt-driven Rohloff and Performance CX motor. The reason for this is I want to install shorter cranks and the factory cranks have the guard attached directly to the crank arm. So when I install the new...
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    Bosch Performance Line CX Review

    Hi Court. Can you please tell me if the short black plastic chain guard (w/Gates belt) in your photo above will work with an R&M Homage (2019) with the full suspension? Thanks.
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    Delite GX (2018) Brake upgrade help.

    Just curious. Why do you believe that you would have a problem stopping in wet weather? Have you had problems in the past? There is another recent thread which talks about brakes. @Alaskan wrote that MTB riders he had spoken to all said upgrading from a 2-piston to a 4-piston caliper would not...
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    Dual Battery Homage rattles

    Thanks! That's all I needed to know. I'll order a set straightaway. I have only opened the brass one on my Homage a few times and it is already showing wear.
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    Dual Battery Homage rattles

    I am looking at the TENAX Machine Screw Peg. I followed your link to the store selling them. It only comes in 12mm, 16mm, 20mm and 25mm sizes. Not sure how they measure it on the web site. Is it the complete length or the length of the threads? I don't know. Have you bought one and fitted it on...
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    Dual Battery Homage rattles

    @Alaskan Do you know which length is needed for the Homage: 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm?
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    Magura MT4 brakes

    I ride a 2019 Homage GX Rohloff (low speed). One initial concern when buying the Homage was the weight of the ebike matched to the stopping power of the MT4 brakes. I felt R&M should have gone with at least the quad-piston MT5 brakes. MT7's would probably be overkill. Nevertheless, I haven't had...
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    Tire sizes?

    I spoke directly with a Schwalbe rep in BC, Canada and told him about my recurring problem with flats in the rear tire of my Homage. He suggested the 11101213 Marathon Plus MTB tire. I ordered one (27.5"x2.25") to try it out. I like the Rock Razors but I hate flats. I use a tire liner and tubes...
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    E-bike recommendation: full suspension and belt drive?

    It's good you know what you want. I have been riding an Homage + belt + Rohloff since March and have put close to 1200 miles on it. My requirement at the time I ordered was simple: full suspension, belt and Rohloff. R&M was the only manufacturer at that time (last Sep) which met all three. It is...
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    Latest News from Riese & Müller

    This is a big deal, I think. Does Bosch have any plans to correct this limitation?
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    Bosch eBike Updates for 2020 - Generation 4 Motors | CX | Cargo | Speed

    @Chris Nolte thanks for the video! I have a question or two. First, I am trying to figure out the main difference(s) between the Gen4 Performance CX and Speed. Are the motors the same w/ different software (as in Gen2)? Or are they the same (up to 20mph) with more top end for the Speed version...
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    Ortlieb Trunk bags on R&M rear racks?

    Thanks. How did you attach them to the fenders?
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    Ortlieb Trunk bags on R&M rear racks?

    Hi Alaskan, can you please tell me where you got your fender extensions? The mud flaps. I have been looking for a pair. The OEM fenders just aren't long enough and I find my shoes get wet just riding through a simple puddle. Yours fit the shape of the Homage fenders perfectly. Thanks.