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    Ebike Motor Power Curve Comparison Chart: BOSCH, Yamaha, Shimano, Brose

    When looking at the power curves, it is not clear if this is peak or continuous power. My understanding is that in EU, continuous power is used to determine the power rating of the motor, not peak. I would want to know that all motors were tested at peak or continuous power. Perhaps the Brose...
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    Belt Drive

    Optibike will be offering the SIMBB 29 with the Rohloff and Gates belt drive in a month or so. The SIMBB will be on display at the Gates Belt Drive booth at Taipei bike show next month. Also, tt looks like the SIMBB will be the official bike for the Boulder Vally Velodrome when it opens in a few...
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    New SIMBB Snow Bike Coming

    Optibike will have a new SIMBB Fat tire bike to display in the next few weeks. This is going to be a very fun bike to ride. The motor will overcome the extra fat tire wheel resistance, so these bikes will be as easy to pedal as a road bike. Have your cake and eat it too!
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    What to do with batteries after 1,501 cycles?

    Here is a link to website that has all the places you can recycle batteries.