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    Help! I need a new e-bike! I need help in resolving two issues.

    Check out the Dost Drop. It’s a step-thru, mid drive, with throttle! Schwalbe tires. A very nice bike. New models with CVT and belt drive are sold out already. But Drop is arriving soon they say. if you need a bike shop for support, look at Gazelle C380 or Trek Allante 7. I doubt you’ll...
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    Batch Bicycles Step-Through E-Bike & Step-Through Plus E-Bike Reviews

    Just heard about Batch ebikes. Looks like the component supply chain has now affected them. Bikes are now spec’d with Microshift drivetrains. I’m not familiar with this brand but would question its performance on an ebike. Not fun if they drop chains or need constant adjustments for shifting...
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    student- E-BIKE research

    Hi Tyler. It’s great that you’re taking an interest in transport design. Like others have said, it’s a broad topic. I ride a Pedego Ridge Rider Mostly on road and trolly trails. It’s a class 2 and I use the throttle only to get going from standstill. For a >60 lb bike that’s a safety feature. I...
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    Bosch long distance integrated battery touring ebike

    Good to know. Not really a difference if charging from a car. But that's a long drive! Actually I thought you were looking for something ASAP. Reread the OP and see that its only a wish list. My bad.
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    Bosch long distance integrated battery touring ebike

    4 x 625 Wh batteries?! Thats like 30 lbs. Also, I doubt anyone is going to design a 4 battery software system. A cover for the empty internal battery slot? Hmm doesnt the battery add some rigidity? If you remove it, it might risk frame strength. If not, then use a neoprene wrap. Cheap and...
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    Known Issues & Problems with DOST Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    As referenced earlier, I recommended Dost to friends and after a four month wait, their bikes have arrived. Both a Kope and a Drop. Initial observations: 1. Shipping and Packaging was excellent. FedEx delivered in a few days to western NY. Interesting that one bike arrived one day before the...
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    High Powered eBike Camping: 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime PHEV with 1500 Watt Inverter and 120V Outlet

    I came across your thread and am totally puzzled by this analysis. Why not save all this time and anticipated money (ev prices) and buy a standard vehicle and $900 Yamaha generator for ebike camping?
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    Who's looking at new startup DOST?

    You’ve described Pedego’s business model to a tee. Just add dealer margins for those customers who want somebody to fix their flats. Not every boomer wants to buy online and do their own wrenching. It’s all about having reliable fun for about $3 k.
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    I think they explained this pretty well earlier in this thread. As with any product development, you pick your price point, select a target demographic, and design to that purpose. Don’t take offense, but you’re not their target. Quit trying to force your ( and others’) wishes onto a new bike...
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    Enviolo hub for Dost?

    Sam, since you’re using Bafang technology, how about a rear hub motor and free up the crank for Pinion gearing with belt drive?
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    Kope On the way!

    Congratulations! I recommended Dost to good friends In July. They’ve been delayed twice but now expect delivery around Oct 19th. For a laptop bag I’d suggest Arkel brand. Made in Canada, great quality that lasts. See their Briefcase Urban Pannier. If you plan to ride in rain, only Ortleib...
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    How big a market for step through?

    One more thought, I saw an earlier mention but wanted to emphasize it. speed shakes on ST bikes. A class 3 ST loaded with batteries and gear and rider is going to have a high risk of wobble as speed increases. ISO 4210 basically only tests for frame fatigue and impact forces. Anyway to build a...
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    How big a market for step through?

    Hi Pushkar Re ST designs, I recall readIng something that recommended them for city commuters with lots of stoplights. Much easier/safer to put both feet down waiting for a green. Given COVID-19 impact on public transit, a lot of folks are looking at bikes as the commuting alternative. No...
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    I love my Metro+, but...

    These might help reposition your rack further back. It’s unfortunate to have such a safety problem, but Axiom racks are not that expensive and you could upgrade to a more compatible design for your panniers.
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    Magnum Folding specs: EBR vs OEM discrepancies.

    Not sure about benefit of doubt forgiveness. When you’re buying online, and no opportunity for test rides and/or inspection, it’s all about trust and after sale support. If you buy a bike based on specs and it delivers with lower grade components, you will feel greatly cheated. A terrible way...
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    Rohloff Speed hubs on E-bikes (Mechanical and E-14) - Discussion

    Hey @Chris Nolte . Linking you into this thread. what has your experience been with Rohloff on R&M bikes? Is there an issue with this kit in North America?
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    Rohloff Speed hubs on E-bikes (Mechanical and E-14) - Discussion

    Hi Ravi Thought I’d add my 2 cents to this thread. and in anticipation of your pending meeting with Rohloff. I think your earlier comment on data is key. What is the failure rate, globally? in my experience with manufacturing companies, they all got religion in the 90’s with Statistical...
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    Magnum Folding specs: EBR vs OEM discrepancies.

    While @Court likes the Magnum business model of incremental improvements, it leaves a lot to be desired with OEM updates to their website. Beyond the normal debate of motor wattage ( nominal vs peak), there’s a real disconnect between what EBR lists vs the current Magnum website spec...
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    Hi Pushkar, I’m a little late to this thread but suddenly interested in a Founders edition...

    Hi Pushkar, I’m a little late to this thread but suddenly interested in a Founders edition. I’m 6’2” tall, 230 lbs and primary interest would be long distance bike packing. More torque prioritized than speed due to total weight. L or XL? Could you kindly invite me to the private forum...
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    NYC amending existing rule to allow pedal-assist bikes

    The option is to use regular bikes. They’d get less than half of all deliveries completed. These guys would show up out of breath and exhaling all over your package and maybe you. Would you like some Covid with your fries? Maybe in return for the ebike consideration, these guys would ride more...