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    Battery Extender Holder

    Thanks for the comments. The connector going into the battery protrudes too much preventing sliding the battery in upside down. The tolerance is too close with the PVC pipe.
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    Battery Extender Holder

    I can never find a good place to store the battery extender. It normally rolls out of place or takes up more space than I want it to. I cut a 3.5 inch PVC pipe to fit and used a cut piece for the bottom to keep it from sliding through. If you never (or even if you did) cut PVC pipe before...
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    SHOW us YOUR PIX here .... Odd, WeiRd ,UnUSuAl or EyE CaTchIng things from your rides

    I visit the island of Kauai in Hawaii often. So often that I decided to take a bike there and leave it there. Unfortunately, it isn't an electric bike. I could use one there. I was riding one day on an isolated road and saw a person with a motorcycle stopped on the side navigating a drone...
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    New Spec App?

    I agree. It isn't even safe if a person isn't out to get you. I take a different approach to a Varia. There is no certainty in knowing if a vehicle in back of you will jeopardize you. I use the Varia to help me keep aware of things in FRONT of me. For example, if I were to make a left...
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    Creo and Garmin Edge 1040:Cadence shows 1 when should be zero

    I have a Garmin 1030 Plus and it does show a cadence of 1 with no pedal movement but not always. As the image shows, there is no speed but the cadence shows 1 when stationary. As far as their being a difference? Yes, the difference is 1. Does it matter? Maybe. If my bank statement shows...
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    Creo Locked in Sport

    Before I take my bike in which I really don't want to do, I thought I would ask here if anyone has encountered this concern. Twice on different rides, the power setting was locked in the Sport mode. I couldn't go up (Turbo) or down (Eco or off). Both times, I just rode it back home in the...
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    Any experiences removing Creo internal battery and riding only with Extender?

    Am I to assume that no brake lines were disconnected? What size is your bike frame? Did you get the larger case to be safer? Any pictures of YOUR bike in the case?
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    Correct chain length on Turbo Creo SL?

    I was looking into purchasing a spare chain but didn't feel like counting the amount of links on my bike. Thank you for checking. Like I mentioned, I am not ready to count the amount of links but by comparing images, mine also looks like it has 114 links.
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    My chain is jumping off the chain ring on my Creo

    I did watch the video prior to posting. I applied the front brakes, rocked the bike and didn't notice any movement. I even inserted a piece of paper under the bezel and didn't feel a change in resistance. I didn't try this same procedure while riding and going over bumps being I probably...
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    My chain is jumping off the chain ring on my Creo

    Just an update. Maybe not the proper place for the fix but you were right with this noise concern. As mentioned above, the noise started with a clicking/rattling/knocking noise while climbing a steep grade. You would almost think that it was related to the rotation of the pedals since the...
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    Creo Road Remotes

    Thank you everyone on ideas to secure the remote wiring. All great ideas. For the present I will stay with my original suggestion. I prefer the concept of less is more or simple is better. I was even considering using silicon to glue the wires together but I don't think I could have pulled...
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    Creo Road Remotes

    I came here searching for a solution for the remote wires. My Creo came with the remotes installed but the wires going from the handle bar and frame were just flying freely. I wanted the wires collected together. I didn't want to use electrical tape because of the residue and it will...
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    My chain is jumping off the chain ring on my Creo

    Like I mentioned previously the chain never dropped where I had to stop riding and reinstall the chain. I don’t know how it would feel if it wanted to drop and the guide put it back in place but I never felt any indication of something like this happening. I measured the chain and it was at .25.
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    My chain is jumping off the chain ring on my Creo

    Thank you for the input. A little history. From the time it was new (90 Days ago) there was a muffled knocking noise while climbing a steep grade in Sport and Turbo. After 200 miles it got a lot quieter. I took it in to have checked and the concern could not be duplicated. I just rode it...
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    My chain is jumping off the chain ring on my Creo

    An update. Got the bike back. The knocking is gone with the chain positioned correctly but I only took it for a spin around the block. Like mentioned, they couldn’t get the Sunrace cassette so they installed a Shimano cassette which is silver instead of black. Looks like a quality repair...
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    My chain is jumping off the chain ring on my Creo

    It is a good thing I didn't touch it. I took it back to the Specialized shop. They tried to adjust it out even though the tech said is was something else. He replaced the chain and the noise was still there. He used another cassette but it didn't have the correct lowest gear and the noise...
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    My chain is jumping off the chain ring on my Creo

    Thank you. I moved the chain and now the higher gears are noisy. Is there a simple adjustment for this without going through the complete derailleur adjustment? I don't want to touch anything that doesn't need to be adjusted. I just picked this bike up for repairs last week Friday from the...
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    My chain is jumping off the chain ring on my Creo

    I just came across this thread and decided to check my chain installation. Is this chain installed correctly? I haven't touched the chain since I got this bike. I know, I have to clean the chain. I am just verifying being I don't have any problems with the chain dropping. I do have a chain...
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    Creo Tire Pump

    Sorry but I missed the question and might be too late for a reply. I have the water bottle cage off center and there is no interference at all. I have a medium frame so it also makes removing the water bottle easier. I believe it is setup where the top of the water bottle is at a slight...
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    2022 Creo Axle Torque

    Thanks, this is good to know. I just included a 5 mm Allen wrench in my saddle bag incase I have difficulties with the lever and have to reposition it.