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    PAS Switch not working correctly on Mokwheel Mesa Plus ST

    I have a new Mokwheel Mesa Plus St bike. The switch on the bars for changing PAS settings dosen't run consistant? One time it may work right,the next time you may have to press the button several times to get it to change. Some times it won't change settings at all,and you have to power down the...
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    Freego F1 Pro Review - BEST BUDGET SUPER73!

    The battery seems to provide long rides with me peddling in PAS 1 or 2. (Ghost Peddling). If I run on throttle only it seems to go down pretty fast,but still works well in the small town I live in. I can't believe that the Freego bikes don't get the attention they deserve? My Wife has a Super...
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    Freego F1 Pro Review - BEST BUDGET SUPER73!

    How is your F1 holding up? I just picked one up,and really like the bike except for the seat! The seat is too narrow and hard
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    Not a Super73 but may be a Challenger? Freego DK200 1200 watt Adventure Ebike

    I have a Freego F1 Pro that I recently picked up. I can't find any fault with the bike other than the hard narrow foam seat. The full suspensing works great,and the bike has 1400 watts power with a 48V 22.5 amp hour battery. Yeah they need to make a thread for this bike,as they are becoming very...
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    Rad White wire speed hack

    This hack is for the standard controller (no screen) on the Rad Runner. If you up graded to the screen controller,there is no need to do this mod,just set it up in the programing. I run the orginal controller with a GPS mounted on the handlebars (more accurate,speed distance) So it works very...