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    Hearing aid user

    Batteries are very reasonable at Costco.
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    "Best advice for new ebike riders" from us

    Been riding two wheelers all my life and used all kinds of mirrors. At an advanced age or 84 I am now using a helmet mirror which took me quite a while to get used to but once I did I do like it. Not easy to get used to though and it does need to be adjusted just right. I is also causes less...
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    Is there a particular reason cargo bikes tend to be hub drive?

    Because they are cheap? Come on Stefan that is not even a valid point. Bicycle drive train components are not strong enough to withstand heavy loads of a cargo bike. Building a cargo bike with normal bicycle mid-drive drive components is sort of like building a gravel truck on a car drivetrain.
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    What's holding back the e-bike boom? Research, safety, and bias (article)

    You are right. Distance, climate and also the cost of electric bikes is a factor here in the USA to be sure. I know lots of people who would like to have an electric bike but are held back by the cost. I believe as the glut on the market brings the prices down more will jump on the ebike...
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    Step through frame - some wobble normal?

    Lock the front wheel brake and try to rock the bike fore and aft to detect if there is any play in the headset bearing. A loose bearing there can cause a wobble. There should be no slack looseness of the fork in the headset at all. It should be snug enough but not so snug as to cause any...
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    Pinion Motor.Gearbox.Unit (MGU)

    Most of our ebike motors are already filled with a bunch of gears so a few more for a transmission seems very feasible to me.
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    Bafang Ultra what’s the difference between G510 and M620

    Want silence, I mean real silence get a Brose powers bike.
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    Bafang Ultra what’s the difference between G510 and M620

    I had a bike with the 750 watt Bafang and one with the M620. The hub Bafang was quite a bit quieter than the M620 but not nearly as quiet as the Brose in my current bike. You have to strain your ears to even hear the motor. After all one of the main reasons I own an electric bike is for the...
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    Bafang Ultra what’s the difference between G510 and M620

    Heavy sticky grease will cause a reduction in the efficiency of the motor due to increased friction of the heavy lubricant.
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    Sora derailleur

    Did you have to add "by a 12 year old".
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    Rotor Cleaning

    This cleaning of bicycle brake disks puzzles me why it is being done anyway. We never clean them on our automobiles or motorcycles so why on our bikes? There supposedly is a certain desirable condition that occurs to the disks and pads during the bed in procedure and doesn't cleaning just remove...
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    Rotor Cleaning

    To be sure they are on your car/bikes etc. to slow you down, da. So why are you reluctant to use them. Do you not want to wear them out?
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    Turbo Vado 5.0: What tire pressure do you run?

    I live in Tucson, AZ which has a very good population of bicycles, electric and non electric. Miles and miles of riding trails plus the famous Loop. The fast bikes are on the road and the electric bikes for the most part are on the bike paths. The ones that are on the road are going fast and the...
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    Turbo Vado 5.0: What tire pressure do you run?

    I ride ride with as low pressure as to not feel any crisp feeling or drag beginning from the tire pressure being too low. I can feel it on my bike as soon as it starts pedaling a bit harder. Obviously the heavier the load the more pressure required to keep the crisp feeling and rolling...
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    Replace tire???

    You are going to have to replace anyway so so the extra work of trying to fix it and may not work anyway. Replace it. If you put a boot in it you may end up with a lumpy ride.
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    Battery Charging and Storage Options in the Heat!

    I expect it shortens the lifespan of the battery from what I have read. Living in the blazing heat of the desert (Southern, AZ)is the reason I don't own an electric automobile. My kids live in Minneapolis MN and I, because of the extreme temps have advised them against an electric car. Will...
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    Battery Charging and Storage Options in the Heat!

    Yep, that is a good question. I have no idea. It is my unqualified non engineer feeling I pulled out of thin air.. Actually if I think it isn't going to get over 85 I do leave it in the garage. I just love mechanical stuff and like to baby my machinery.
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    Battery Charging and Storage Options in the Heat!

    Everybody has an opinion regarding the handling of ebike batteries. Generally lithium. It is not hard to find good reliable info on the proper use and care of lion batteries, be they in our bike, car or hand tools. Advice that is written by the manufacturer or battery engineers. Some like to...
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    How long do Giant batteries live?

    Maybe someone can answer my question which is, why do electric auto batteries last so much loner then electric bicycle batteries? Some are warrantied for many years. My understanding is they have the same cells in them as our ebike batteries and usually get heavy daily use.
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    Tube vs. Tubeless on ebikes

    I hav used duct tape as a boot a few times. More layers for a bigger hole.