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    Fantastic experience with Stromer support!

    As if I couldn't love this bike more... I've been dealing with some issues caused by my LBS. Finally had to reach out to Stromer USA for help. They have been nothing short of fantastic - both of the reps I've dealt with (Joel and Scott) obviously have a passion for cycling and the Stromer...
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    Post pics of your Stromer here

    True love...
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    Stromer ST1 Limited edition

    I don't think I'd be comfortable with shorter cranks, but that's a good idea to keep in mind. I'll be moving away from the land of a million roundabouts soon; that should solve most of my clearance issues. I'll probably end up trading the seatpost up for a Thudbuster (or similar). I installed...
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    Stromer ST1 Limited edition

    I've had my ltd for a few months now and have put about 400 miles on it. I've had issues with the LBS (did some very shoddy work on it, including shimming the front brake caliper with washers) but the bike is amazing. It really is a car replacement for my work commute - 35+ miles per charge in...
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    Stromer ST1 S and Stromer ST1 T 2016

    This is my first post, but boy have I been using this site and community to research my first electric bike purchase! A big thanks to everyone here, especially Court. I wanted to contribute my thoughts for anyone considering getting this bike. I've owned an ST1 Limited Edition (identical to the...