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    New Raleigh Tokul iE Owner

    Nice! I love my Tokul IE, just passed 200 miles on it. Check out my thread in this forum if you're wondering how to install a kickstand or water bottle holder.
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    New Townie Go! 7D $1500

    Does it work well and is there any trick to turning it on? My wife just got a Townie Go 7D and we can only occasionally get it to turn on. The power button works when it's on the charger, but off the charger it just blinks the five blue LEDS once when you press it. Every now and then it turns on...
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    Raleigh Tokul IE Kickstand and Water Bottle solutions

    Nice to hear from a fellow Tokul owner! It seems like there aren't many of us. I'm glad the kickstand worked! It's definitely a great bike, I go 25 MPH (downhill) on the street and it feels smooth, and also works great on the easy trails here in southern Utah. My rack is a Topeak Super...
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    Raleigh Tokul IE Kickstand and Water Bottle solutions

    I'm pretty sure this would work on a Lore -- until the newest model with the more integrated battery, they had what looks like the same frame as the Tokul. Good luck!
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    Raleigh Tokul IE Kickstand and Water Bottle solutions

    All, I noticed the new review of the Tokul IE has been posted. I have the same 2018 edition bike and I put about 150 miles on it so far. As the review mentions, there does not seem to be any way to mount a kickstand, but after trying about five different ideas, I found one that works perfectly...
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    New ebike rider from southern Utah

    I have a short local trail along a canal but I haven't been on any of the "real" off-road trails yet. I'm not sure what the laws are but I do know the trails in Red Cliffs Reserve don't allow e-bikes. I've mostly ridden in the city so far and the city is at least very positive toward ebikes.
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    I'm stumped - Does such a bicycle even exist?

    Aren't you basically describing a hardtail mountain bike? I wanted basically the same thing and ended up getting a Raleigh Tokul IE. The way it fits me I end up with an upright position, and it works great on roads and the dirt trails in my neighborhood.
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    New ebike rider from southern Utah

    Thanks everybody! Hopefully a longer-than-2-miles ride tomorrow!
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    New ebike rider from southern Utah

    Hello, Just bought my first ebike! I've been riding off and on for most of my life, but just as a hobby, and the last couple of years I've been overweight and out of shape. I live in a neighborhood that is one big hill, so the prospect of riding hasn't been much fun. I mail-ordered a 2018...