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    I would love some suggestions for the right e-bike for me

    Sounds like ebike uses cheaper cadence sensing. Torque sensing especially on middrives give lot better control in lower power levels. High power levels are still issue in low speed tight situations. The issue with cadence sensing is power levels are typically speed limits eg 10, 15,20kmhr. No...
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    Torque upgrade on Active Line

    Thought Bosch kept tight control on their spare motors. Wouldn't supply one without information on bike it was being fitted to and demanded old motor back.
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    Vado SL 5.0 -- Maintenance suggested/required?

    Should be able to see if rotor is bent by viewing it through caliper. If not bent then try bleeding brakes. What band and model brakes are on bike?. Had problems with cheaper Tektro models, ended up binning them and fitting Shimanos.
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    Vado SL 5.0 -- Maintenance suggested/required?

    Worth watching some youtube videos on chain maintenance and brake pad replacements. You should be able to do both of these. Worth owning chain stretch measurer to monitor it. Derailleur shouldn't need adjusting unless its taken a knock. You may need to adjust cable tension at shifter...
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    Turbo Tero 3.0 questions

    The three simple ways to extend range are 1) keep speed down 10-12mph is good target. 2) Topup the battery at a cafe, will mean buy lunch, not always a option for some rides. 3) Buy 2nd battery.
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    "Best advice for new ebike riders" from us

    We quite often go on group rides with leader setting at leisurely 10-12mph pace. Most riders are using eco or tour with 30miles rides well within everybody's battery range For couple rides my wife and I ride about 12-15mph and typically in tour mode.
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    I use to ride in lyrca now hide it under bagging MTB shorts. World has enough problems without subjecting it to another MAMIL with dad bod.
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    These fundamentalists will drive 5kms to meetup go for 120km group then drive 5kms home. Also very good at shouting cheater but very quick to draft of ebike on windy day.
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    Is there a particular reason cargo bikes tend to be hub drive?

    My statement is CORRECT, read it again. Bosch motors are sold as 250W even through they deliver lot more in certain situations. USA allows for 750W nominal which means a lot more peak.
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    Schwalbe Johnny Watts (and other Schwalbe SUV tyres) User Club

    I wouldn't worry about an expire date on bike tire. Heavily trailer tire YES where blowout is possibility.
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    Is there a particular reason cargo bikes tend to be hub drive?

    Where 750W motors are allowed a rear hub motor combined with 8spd derailleur is great option for cheap cargo bike. Will need a large >750WH battery to deliver high power draw of these large motors. For most of world where 250-300W is max motor size middrive is only way to deliver performance...
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    Shimano XT Levers - two styles M8100 vs M8000

    Order 7100 levers as 8100 right level typically has shifter attached to it. Performance wise there is nothing in it, both have finger adjustment while M6100 needs allen key. For calipers I'd stay with M6100 or M6000 on rear unless you feel like replacing complete hose as 7100 and 8100 have...
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    Specialized Vado 4 vs Gazelle Ultimate 380+ (long)

    Some of us prefer to look at countryside when riding instead of yet another computer screen, in which case Purion is just fine. Why pay for something we don't need or use.
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    Pinion Motor.Gearbox.Unit (MGU)

    Probably no weight or friction gains or losses. Big advantage is simple low mass rear wheel which is plus for FS MTB with low maintenance belt drive added bonus. Considerable savings to be had with drivetrain maintenance over life of bike. eMTBs chew through chains and cassettes, thanks to...
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    Keeping feet dry in the rain

    Google redband gumboots.
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    Keeping feet dry in the rain

    I use something like this when its bucketting down, but not that expensive. Should be able to find something cheaper. With good waterproof trousers that covers them. May want taller boots if bike has crossbar as trousers will ride up as you get leg over. Not such an issue on stepthrough...
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    Do I need an eMTB?

    Cheaper option and can always add middrive kit later if they need assistance. Buy something with 11 or 12spd as they have low granny gears, in case of 11spd 11-46t cassette, there are aftermarket 11-50t cassettes. As rule any bike with these drivetrains will be higher spec with better...
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    Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0, Cannondale Tesoro Neo X Speed or Trek Allant+ 8S???

    If plan is use bikes for touring then why a class 3 ebike?. We have a couple class 1 trekking bikes and typically ride around 20kmhr when touring rarely do 30kmhr. When it comes to battery range slower the better. Besides idea is to enjoy ride not get from A-B as quickly as possible, unless...
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    Do I need an eMTB? This is Giant HT eMtb is as cheaper deal as I could find for quality entry level bike. For exploring forestry roads and bit fun on smoother MTB tracks. Some markets have chinese Microshift 9spd which is plus as it has 11-42t...
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    Cyclist husband that I'm looking to keep up with-- help choosing!

    Given your relaxed pace are more relaxed geometry is likely to suit you better. These have more upright position and put less weight on your hands. Tend to need more assist in this position once going >12mph due to high wind drag and position doesn't suit higher rider input. Upto 12mph with no...