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  1. Jeff Backes

    Trek 2018 Bike - Powerfly FS9 LT

    The only lights that are guaranteed to work are those that are "Bosch ready".
  2. Jeff Backes

    Upgrades to my XM700+

    There are a few things that can cause the chain to drop, have your LBS check the derailure angle. If you've had a crash it can bend and it causes lots of subtle trouble. Next check if the master link of the chain needs replacement. A new chain is a very inexpensive fix. Jeff
  3. Jeff Backes

    Lot of Nice Ebikes but still Very Weak on sales and support

    Have you called your local Trek or Felt dealers? Often they have e-bikes in stock. Jeff
  4. Jeff Backes

    Upgrades to my XM700+

    1) I removed the four tiny screw underneath the intuvia's mount and moved the connector from the intuvia mount to the nyon mount. 2) Changing the front sprocket is not something I have tried so I can't comment. jeff
  5. Jeff Backes

    I have not.

    I have not.
  6. Jeff Backes

    Upgrades to my XM700+

    I notice the difference for sure. I also added a remote lockout, but to be honest I've never needed it. jeff
  7. Jeff Backes

    Charging a Stromer 48V battery while traveling by car Xantrex 1000 I charge two Trek XM700+ 4Amp each charger (2 x 120 x 4) 960 amps total. You need to keep the inverter as close as possible to the car's battery...
  8. Jeff Backes

    Body float

    I have about 700 miles on my BF. I have the stretchy cover so it's not getting dirty. jeff
  9. Jeff Backes

    Charging a Stromer 48V battery while traveling by car

    I purchased a 1000 watt inverter and mounted it on the top of my trunk. It is wired directly to the battery which on my BMW is also in the trunk. I am able to charge both of my bikes while driving down the road. jeff
  10. Jeff Backes

    Must I buy a new car for my hitch/rack/bikes?

    It's be fine. I have a rack that I carried two 50 pound e-bikes all over the country 6280 miles without a problem. My carrier is a saris that is rated for 60 lbs per bike. You have to trust that the manufacture did their homework. I do worry about the wiggle I see in the rear view mirror so I...
  11. Jeff Backes

    What is the furthest anyone with the XM700+ traveled on 1 charge?

    38.3 miles. Very flat terrain. jeff
  12. Jeff Backes

    Upgrades to my XM700+

    The 42 made all the difference for me being able to get back home. I live at the top of a 700ft hill and it was just too much with the factory cassette. I chose to stay with 10 speeds so I had to give up one sprocket. I got the optional 16 tooth sprocket and removed 15 and 17. The rockshox...
  13. Jeff Backes

    Trek 2018 Bike - Powerfly FS9 LT

    You can add front and rear lights that are made for the Bosch system. Your local bike shop will have to "code" your system to enable the lights. I have done this on 3 bikes so far, 2 only had the headlight and I added the tail lights and one was a Trek eMTB that came from the factory with no...
  14. Jeff Backes

    Bosch controller quit on xm700+

    I had this same problem. I replaced the button assembly and now it works perfectly again. I attribute mine to rain, it stopped working after I had it on the back of my car during the pouring rain. jeff
  15. Jeff Backes

    touring panniers

    I have used Jandd panniers on every bike I’ve owned since 1992. High quality and parts are available. That’s a huge plus for me, Jeff
  16. Jeff Backes

    Rock Shox Paragon Air Suspension Fork For CC

    Let me try that again. Here are some photos of the Trek XM700+ with the upgraded front forks. jeff
  17. Jeff Backes

    Rock Shox Paragon Air Suspension Fork For CC

    Here are a few pictures of my bike. Opps, wrong bike. Let me try that again. jeff
  18. Jeff Backes

    Rock Shox Paragon Air Suspension Fork For CC

    I replace the front end on my Trek XM700 with this same fork. Works great, looks sharp! jeff
  19. Jeff Backes

    Availability update...

    Chris, I have a 2017 Trek PowerFly 8 fs. I took it to the shop and their software shows that walk assist is enabled but press release the walk button, then press and hold the + button has no effect. Is there a way to check the build date of my CX motor? Perhaps it is only enabled on motors...