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  1. mrgold35

    Suntour NCX SP12 preload question

    I started out with NCX SP12 with my hardtail Radrover and had similar results. Perfect for larger bumps; but, still felt smaller cracks, bumps, chatter (road/sidewalk cracks, washboard dirt trails, uneven pavement, etc...). I switched to Cirrus Kinekt Bodyfloat a year later and that was a...
  2. mrgold35

    Bike tires? Puncture proof? Skid proof?

    I have two Radrovers since 2016, 2018 Radcity, and 2023 Radcity. Added Mr. Tuffy liners and Stan tire sealant to the tubes on all the ebikes. We have a ton on goat head stickers or various cactus plants in NM. My flats on my Rover mostly were 1-2 per month before Tuffy/Stans to 1-2 per year...
  3. mrgold35

    For fat tire bikers

    Nice find! I'm saving this website to my favorites. I have two 2016 Radrover with 4" fat tires with 4000 miles each on their 3rd set of tires and a newly purchased 4.8" fat tire Himiway Cobra Pro.
  4. mrgold35

    QuickrStuff hitch bike rack

    I ordered the QuikRack Mach 2, 2nd tray, ramp, license plate attachment, and 2 wheel locks at the end of July 2023. Everything arrived 2 months later. The QuikRack was an upgrade to my old +8 year old Saris Freedom SuperClamp4 with fat tire trays. Needed a new platform rack because I planning...
  5. mrgold35

    questions to people that are commuting

    I have two 2016 4" fat tire Radrovers I purchased for weekend fun rides and later started work commuting at around 60-70 miles per week (excluding rainy/snowy days). My work commuting pretty much halted when the lockdown started and did the work from home thing for +2 years. I was at +4000...
  6. mrgold35

    As I have an e bike and love being out on it for some long rides, but then you remember about keeping an eye on your battery charge so you have enough

    I have two 2016 Radrober since new with a standard 11.4 ah battery and purchased a spare battery at the time of purchase. My max range is down around +/- 20% (25-30 miles max at PAS 2/3 level ground). I usually plan out my rides and know if I'm going to bump against my max range or fine with a...
  7. mrgold35

    Class 2 Bike Suggestions - $2000 to $4000 Range

    I have two 2016 4" fat tire Radrovers with around 4000 miles on each ebike. I do a mix of work commuting, weekend fun rides with spouse, and single track riding. I love having a throttle for all the reason listed above. I had a few occasions when I needed to push my +70lbs ebike up a flight...
  8. mrgold35


    I live in the southwest and windy days of 10-15 mph in the spring and gust up to 20-25 mph at times. I love my Radrover ebike because I can up the PAS level and ride on a windy day when it would sideline most pedal bikes. Another HUGE plus I've found with my ebike is the cooling effect with my...
  9. mrgold35

    Still considering changing from Rad Rover (and Rad)

    I started to have a similar issue with my two 2016 Radrovers @75lbs each and my old +70lbs Saris SuperClamp 4 rack. No problems back in 2016; but, a pain in the butt to use +8 years later as I get older. Ended up upgrading to QuikRack Mach2 dual rack with a ramp. So much easier to load my...
  10. mrgold35

    Is there any Ebike for a 6"4' Bigger guy?

    I'm 6'3", 300lbs, size 14 shoe, and long-ish arms (around 6'11" wingspan). I have two Radrover 4" fat tire ebike since 2016 with +4000 miles each ebike. I had to add a 400mm suspension seatpost, 0-60 degree adjustable handlebar stem, upgrade to TRP Spyre brakes, and larger pedals for both...
  11. mrgold35

    Best eBike Rack for Tesla Model 3

    There are some factors for me like depending on what type of budget I have, how long will I keep, ease of use, security, storage concerns in the vehicle or at home, % of time I need to carry 1 versus 2 bikes. I went with the dual QuikRStuff rack+ramp; which, is very similar to 1Up rack with...
  12. mrgold35

    Biking to Work Isn’t Gaining Any Ground in the US

    I have two his/her 2016 Radrovers I purchased for weekend fun rides. I decided to work commute with a test run on a weekend (12 miles round-trip). It was so easy and only took 20-25 minutes being a more direct bike route compared to driving in 10-15 minutes by car hitting lights and driving a...
  13. mrgold35

    Hitch Rack

    It took exactly 2 months for my Quikrack to arrive. Did a test fit and it was very easy and light enough for my 4'11" wife to attach each platform, use the bike rack, and secure her ebike. I think it is around 28lbs for the folding hitch rack and 22 lbs for the additional folding tray for the...
  14. mrgold35

    Bicycle Helmets With Lights

    My tw0 2016 Radrover ebikes lights don't have a flashing function. I like to add extra battery powered lights that flash during the day. I figured every vehicle has daytime running lights we ignore 99% of the time. Flashing lights still register in our brains for emergency vehicles. I work...
  15. mrgold35

    Hitch Rack

    I'm at that age when I'm one dumb bad lift away from a nagging lifetime injury. I sometimes had to psych myself up to lug out the +70lbs Saris rack and really really decide if I wanted to ride in the foothills across town or just out the garage around the neighborhood. I hoping the Quick Rack...
  16. mrgold35

    Hitch Rack

    I'm usually have to carry one ebike 85% of the time and the Quik Rack is lighter, faster, and easier to install compared to my old Saris 4 slot rack. It would be nice to uninstall/fold the Quik Rack and toss in the SUV hatch for added security, easy parking when not needed, or out of sight/out...
  17. mrgold35

    Hitch Rack

    I just ordered two trays for the Quik Rack Mach 2 from based out of Colorado. The rack was invented from the same person that made the 1Up rack. It is a no tools needed to install or remove, just a barrel lock key. My SUV has a 500lbs tongue weight limit for my Radrover and...
  18. mrgold35

    Hello Everyone, I’m from Fresno, CA and purchased my Himiway just over a year ago. Have accumulated nearly 800 miles already.

    Welcome! I have two 2016 Radrovers that still work perfectly; but, are starting to show a little range decrease. What type of Himiway ebike did you purchase? Did you purchase on-line or local shop? I'm really like the Himiway specs, range, prices, and looks for a replacement for my Radrovers.
  19. mrgold35

    Rear Rack Bag?

    I have a two Topeak MTX DXP rack bag with one having the QuickTrack system and the other bag with four velcro straps (two front, two under). The QuickTrack MTX bag is for my Radrover with the Topeak rear rack with the QuickTrack sliding channel. The other MTX bag with velcro is for my wife's...
  20. mrgold35

    Help me select a bike please

    I have two fat tire 2016 Radrovers with over 3700 miles on each of them. I'm still able to ride around 22-26 miles on my original 11.6 Ah batteries depending on PAS level 2 at 12-16 mph on paved level ground with pedaling power. I live in the desert southwest and do a good mix of paved...