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    Step thru looking good!

    Any response is good. Is your bike a class3? Will it go 28mph pedaling? My first stromer st1 had a 12mph max throttle, but was jailbreakable to 20mph, and could throttle along at 20, no problem. i could never figure out how to jailbreak st2 throttle past 12mph. Then stromer eliminated throttle...
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    Step thru looking good!

    Your step thru frames look great! I had been sold on rear drive, but now mid drives with throttle and 28mph speed, maybe. Is your rear drive with throttle capable of maintaining 25+mph with throttle only? And do you anticipate your developing mid drive, step thru to be able to cruise 25+mph...
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    Which colors looks better?

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    Zen Shakti

    Any new news on Shakti? step thru pictures? thanks, Barry
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    Stromer ST5 Steering Riser

    Nicely done.
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    'Zen Skunkworks' - a new model in the development

    That st zen looks like the one I’ve been waiting for! My only complaint is it’s not for sale yet on website. Keep up the good work!
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    Saw this outside weekly poker game. Don’t know if it’s old or new, but kinda stylish way to hide battery.
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    Zen Shakti - pictures

    Any news on Shakti? Any tidbits of info is exciting. My st2 is still doing fine, but Shakti in my future………….
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    My life was threatened....

    Keep up the good work. Fired up the forum a little. Specialized rules and rear drives suck gets old after a while.
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    Big Stromer dealer Denver??

    Lol. What’s google?
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    New Stromer flagship ST7

    Sorry. I didn’t mean to be vague. Because it looks like a afterthought and in my eyes ugly compared to the rest of bike.
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    New Stromer flagship ST7

    The belt tensioner and spring are Unfortunate. they Seem to need tensioner, and pretty sure they know what they are doing.
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    Stromer st3, SOLD! Thanks EBR!

    Details in for sale forum. Great deal on great bike.
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    Stromer st3. Like new! SOLD! Thanks, EBR!

    I bought this from local dealer discontinuing Stromer bikes. I got a deal, and planned to sell it if I didn’t want it. I’m gonna keep my trusty st2, and pass along this deal to someone else. white, comfort frame, blue battery. 23 miles total. Includes everything like from a dealer. Bars and...
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    Zen Samurai - Built in Canada - shipping since June 2022

    Uh oh. Having to build 195 ebikes from scratch is gonna take some of the fun out of being a mfg. It should be fun inventing jigs, etc. to make builds go faster and be consistent. Like a modern day Henry Ford.
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    New Stromers, great prices!

    Global bikes in Mesa, AZ has a couple of st1’s for 2800.00ea 1 st5, size medium, 6700.00 no shipping. Contact Aaron 6026751774
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    Mesa, AZ dealer selling Stromers cheap.

    He has 3 or 4 st1’s- 2800.00ea st5 sz medium- 6700.00 Golbal ebikes. Ask for Aaron 602 675 1774 They are discontinuing Stromer and I’m just a forum user passing along info. oh yea, no shipping. 6 hours from Diego or L.A.
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    Zen Shakti - pictures

    Checking on when step thru will be available? and, hopefully available in all sizes. Stromer only made comfort frames in medium, then shortened medium frame for st3 by 33mm. Too small for me. and, will customer be able to order with fox forks, magura brakes, etc?
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    Will this shock fit my wife's '22 Turbo Tero 3.0

    Did you get this figured out? And forks changed out? I think I can help, but if you’ve done it, you could help me, as I plan on doing the same. Thanks, Barry
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    Ordering online: Hoping the Retül size tool is accurate

    See, I was missing something. If dealer is getting 50+% of difference, that works.