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  1. harryS

    Tern S10 or Qualisports Dolphin?

    By the way. I'm good at spending other people's money. I could never pay $3600 for an ebike. Here's one of my DIY folders with three battery configurations. First one is a tool battery under the seat for 15 miles, Second is my everyday bottle battery for 35 miles. Last is a downtube pack for 50...
  2. harryS

    Controller recommendation

    You got a lot of reading to do, Michael. The S refers to the number of cell groups in series. Each cell group is 3.6V at nominal charge so 10S is 36V and 13S is 48V, while 16S is 60V. You can't change the S because that's a physical constraint of the battery, how many cell groups it has. A BMS...
  3. harryS

    As I have an e bike and love being out on it for some long rides, but then you remember about keeping an eye on your battery charge so you have enough

    Good luck on your project. It's always good to learn, study and come up with a solution! A lot of people, including the big bike makers, have figured this out. They've come up with aux batteries that you simply attach and they either come on automatically or you switch to them when the...
  4. harryS

    Tern S10 or Qualisports Dolphin?

    For commuting every day in all kinds of weather, and storing in an apartment, I guess it would have to be the UL certified Vectron. It's an appliance now, not a toy. You'll be keeping it inside at work too? Then you need the knowledge the battery is safe. Why not defer a riding season of cold...
  5. harryS

    What Is Causing This Voltage Drop?

    DP9 is a typical downtube battery. but big. Seems coincidental that they drop from 58.6V down to the 54.6V of a fully charged 13S 48V battery. Are you reading the voltage off the ebike display? Have you correlated the voltage with an external meter? Is 54.6V lower or higher than what your...
  6. harryS

    Controller recommendation

    It's always cleaner when you start a new thread. People will try to respond to the first poster and never get to your post. It reads like you had a 17.5AH battery that would shut down on your trike, but you have a bigger BTR pack that runs it OK now. I replied that you don't need to change the...
  7. harryS

    UPDATE!!! Battery suddenly died during a ride

    Does the battery turn on now? I've come up against two types of shutdowns. If the controller shuts down, it's usually happening when the battery voltage is sagging under load. The voltage recovers because the bike turned off, so I can turn on the display again, but I might only get a minute...
  8. harryS

    I am putting it up for the winter. Do I keep the battery (about 60% charged now) inside for the winter? Anything else?

    By UN3480 shipping regulations, lithium batteries must be shipped at 30%. They may sit in warehouses for months like that, Your bike battery should be fine if you put it away anywhere between 30%-60%, or even higher, but storage at 100% in hot climates is known to degrade capacity. They're...
  9. harryS

    Throttle Kill Switch Bafang dp c18

    Activating the brakes is a better kill switch, unless you're talking about a switch tom disable the throttle. You want to switch off the throttle power lead or the signal to kill the throttle signal. If you switch off the throttle ground, the throttle signal will rise to 4Volts and tell the...
  10. harryS

    Help please. New 24v Controller+Display Wiring headache 🥺

    Pedelec sensors need the magnets to have the right polarity (they have a north and south pole) and also to be spinning in the right direction when they pass the sensor. Unless it is a self contained unit, try flipping the disk on the pedals.
  11. harryS

    True or False - Bafang 750w vs Bafang 750w

    It's somewhat true, but I wonder if the bigger motor will be enough to climb your hills.
  12. harryS

    Need help diagnosing!

    I've owned Ecotric. That happened with my battery after 25 months. Shut off several miles after a full charge to 42V. It was reading about 40V when it shut off. It was extremely unbalanced. What can i say. They and many of their competitors use cheap cells that start to wear out around 25...
  13. harryS

    Controller recommendation

    The controller limits the current, unless the battery was too small. That was what happened with the first battery, Now that the battery is big enough, there's no reason to change the controller. It should take care of itself, If you go higher current, then the battery may not be large enough...
  14. harryS

    Need help diagnosing!

    How old is the battery? Can you ride in the highest PAS w/o it also shutting off the bike? What display is it, LCD or LED?
  15. harryS

    Bafang middrive not working

    Does the display, and which one is it, light up? Are there error codes?
  16. harryS

    One night of rain, middrive dead...

    It could be water inside the "waterproof" connectors or moisture killing the display. Pull the main harness connector off at both ends and blow it off with compressed air. If that doesn't work, you can jumper the BBS0X cable with the dis[lay removed. It will run with throttle and one PAS level...
  17. harryS

    What are your thoughts on Qualisports' latest Ebike Model 5?

    Dual battery is option on the $1499 Dolphin, but included on the $1999 Model S. The latter also has wider tires at 20x2.4". They advertise 60-80 miles on the 48V10.5AH seatpost pack. How realistic is the mileage? That's 500Wh so they're claiming 6-8 WH/mile. Perhaps true, if you stay in level...
  18. harryS

    Shengyi hub motor connector question

    Could be wrong, but I think Shengyi makes motors and doesn't sell ebikes. It would help to talk about the make/model of your bike. For example, here's a 20" fat tire bike with torque sensor. Not familiar with a J610. A picture is worth 1K words. Most hubmotor cables incorporate 3 thick wires nd...
  19. harryS

    Abound - I'd like to have a spare chain available for when mine wears out

    I also like the KMC X8's. Around $13-15, depending where you look, Don't be paying $24 for a chain. Comes with a master link. I also picked up a chain gauge. It's just a length of metal you stick between the links. If it fits. the chain is not stretched. I checked out about a dozen chains on...
  20. harryS

    Motor runs but rear wheel doesn't engage, need help.

    Maybe the planetary gears melted, jammed, and prevent the wheel from spinning backwards. If you hear the motor rev up and down with throttle. that is probably what happened. Some motors come apart easily, and sometimes they sell the gears.