Hey guys and gals, this is Court Rye! I created EBR in 2013 to help people understand and better choose electric bicycles for their lifestyle and budget. My own first purchase was confusing, expensive and frustrating... I bought online and felt like I spent too much when the bike actually arrived. I had never assembled an ebike before and wasn't sure if I'd be able to get help from a regular shop if I messed something up or it broke and I wasn't sure if anyone would ever want to buy it used someday if I decided to upgrade or just move on. It was a tense day and I felt very alone, there were very few resources at the time but one that I relied on a lot was run by my now-friend Pete Prebus!

Given how awesome this technology can be (health, community and affordability wise) I was inspired to start reviewing bikes in my free time outside of work. I bought the domain for $1,500 and launched a WordPress site before eventually launching this forum so people could help each other. These days I'm so busy traveling and being "everywhere" trying review the latest tech that I'm not on the forum as much as I'd like but moderator @Ann M. is here for you and she's great! I'm always open to more help so feel free to message me here or contact me directly if you'd like to join in. I believe in transparency and objectivity and do my best to disclose advertising relationships and moderator relationships etc. but still speak critically when need be. Please do the same, tell the truth and help people or at least use tact if you're on the attack :)

Just below is a video I shot before jumping into EBR full time. I was working for a tech startup in Austin, TX and using ebikes to commute to work... the bike in the video is an Easy Motion Neo Jumper and was my third electric bike! I finally felt like I had found one that worked great for me and was excited to share the experience with the world.

As always, thanks for being involved here. Your comments, helping each other and feedback to me make this place special and it means a lot. As always, ride safe! Here are a few pics of me doing reviews, this is how the magic happens baby XD

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Oct 13, 1983 (Age: 40)


I launched EBR in 2012 to help people navigate the complexities of electric bikes and make friends in a spam-free friendly community. I do my best to create objective data-rich content so you can see and learn things for yourself, then share your perspectives back! Thanks for being a member and contributing to this special space. I believe that bicycles help us stay fit, save money, make new friends, and live peacefully. Corinthians 13:4-5



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